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R C M School Jahajgarh

The school admits students in April every year.

Registration -
 Parents may register their child by completing a registration form (prospectus) and returning it, with the (non-returnable & non-transferable) registration fee. Registration means that your son/daughter will be invited to come for a written test in the year preceding her proposed entry. Registration does not imply any guarantee of admission.  Registration for the entrance test will be closed 30 days before the date of the entrance test of the relevant year. We strongly advise parents to register students at least 12 months prior to their proposed entry as lists may be closed and no further registrations accepted whenever a sufficient number of applications for any particular class have been received.

Entrance Examinations  -

Admission to R C M School is via a selective entry procedure in which we aim to evaluate the following:

    * academic ability
    * co-curricular potential (sport, music, art, drama etc) and
    * Personal qualities, allowing a pupil to contribute to and benefit from what the school has to offer.

Entrance is held in 3 subjects English, Mathematics and Science 
as per the schedule declared by the school.

Interview Sessions- Students who passed the entrance test are required to have an individual interview with the Principal and they also have a short tour of the School with current students.  Any musical girl is given the chance to show her skill on her instrument, or Basket Ball player to show their scoring skills. The interview session is an important and compulsory part of the entry procedure; it is designed to allow the candidate to have a really good look at the School and to allow staff to meet the candidate.

Visiting the School –
 parents are welcome to visit our school, with or without children, and have a guided tour of the school and a meeting with a senior member of staff. Parent can book your visit on the open days organized by the school every year. Open Days provide parents and prospective students with an opportunity to see the School in action through a tour of the School and a question and answer session with the Principal and other senior staff.

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